The IDE dictionary project was launched by Elhuyar and the Azkue Foundation, and was designed to address a need in the digital environment. This field has seen significant growth in recent years with doubts and needs relating to language use arising all the time. To tackle them, terminology for this specific field is being developed in this dictionary: many headwords have been gathered and terms in Basque have been included; the aim of the project is to normalise their use. So the sectors linked to education and work, professionals involved in producing and translating text, and the general public will be able to avail themselves of a language reference resource.

After the project had been launched, it was joined by Euskaltel and the Puntueus foundations, both of which are also significant players in the digital environment and in the expansion of Basque. Moreover, in 2022 Game Erauntsia joined the project; Game Erauntsia is a community that promotes and facilitates the use of the Basque language in the field of the video games.

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General features of the dictionary

The IDE dictionary now has 356 headwords and they all have equivalent forms in Basque, Spanish, French and English. So when we want to run a search in the dictionary, we can start from any of the four languages.

The headwords are also accompanied by a definition in Basque and an image to complement the information and make the dictionary more attractive. Additional information is also offered by means of links to other resources, such as Wikipedia, Euskara Batuaren Eskuliburua (The Handbook of Standardized Basque) and the Elhuyar Magazine.

So far the dictionary comprises the following sections:

In 2024 we will continue to incorporate concepts and complete the different areas.

To perform these tasks and subsequent ones we have formed a team of experts so that together they can make contributions and clarify any doubts raised in the working team on a day-to-day basis. As the dictionary is gradually expanded, new headwords can also be consulted via the website.

To compile the dictionary, we have been taking current dictionary trends into consideration and we have used technologies developed in the R&D department of Elhuyar’s Language and Technology Unit.



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